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    Mesa Organics+ Is Pueblo's Premier Cannabis Shop.
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Welcome To Mesa Organics+

At Mesa Organics+ our standards far exceed those required by state law.

It all starts with the seeds or clones used to produce our plants. Only seeds or clones with clean genetics for at least 20 generations are used. That means no chemical pesticides or herbicides have been used for more than 20 generations of plants. This is well beyond anything required by law, but it is our minimum standard for any cannabis flower or concentrates we sell.

Why raise standards so much beyond what Is required?

First, we make concentrate products so ANY form of contaminant would be concentrated to much higher levels. Any level of contamination is unacceptable in such a process.
Second, our commitment is to deliver pure cannabis to our customers. That is why we have a zero tolerance for contaminants and always will. The law does not require us to do this, but we feel you deserve only pure cannabis.

Every day, we open our doors to do two things:

Share innovative products with our customers to improve their quality of life and to help make the world a little better. Most of our customers have never tried cannabis products because they believe this amazing plant has no benefits. That is not true. To see the latest news and research, visit our blog page. Or better yet, stop by and talk with us.

We are Members Of The National Association of cannabis businesses:

The National Association Of Cannabis Businesses is the leading organization dedicated to raising the standards and acceptablity of cannabis businesses in America. Find out more:

Every aspect of this operation is clean, professional and inviting. The selection of products is excellent and product quality is second to none. Jim and Pam have put together an operation that most other shops could learn a lot from.

- Todd "Leafly.com"

Here's How We Roll:

We Are Dedicated To

Above all, we are in the compliance business. If we do our job correctly in the compliance business, then we get to sell Cannabis.

We Are Very

Our processes use less than 1/3 the water most commercial growers use to produce the same amount of Cannabis. We use no chemical pesticides or herbicides on any of our plants.

We Work With
Pure Cannabis

Since we produce extracts from our plants, we have zero tolerance for chemicals or contaminants. Any form of contaminant would be much more concentrated during the extract process. That's why we use only Pure Cannabis.

We Listen To
Our Customers

We understand and appreciate our customers are the backbone of our success. We genuinely care about our customers and always try to go the extra mile to insure total customer satisfaction.

What Our Customers Say

Far and away the best shop and experience I have ever encountered! From the customer experience to the quality of products and professionalism of the staff these folks are nothing short of best in class.
Todd: Leafly
Excellent prices and outstanding customer service. Today was my first visit to celebrate 420 and what a fine nugget I have found here. WOW ! Annnnnnd they have Pink Kush........Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy !
Kris: Leafly
I love the place. The staff is cool. They know what they are talking about. They answer any question a person may have. I am glad I found the place. I will be going there over any other place in Pueblo.
michael coslow: Leafly
Dam that ghost of leeroy strain is phenomenal. The taste is out of this world - now this is what I like. The feeling is hard but slow and steady kills the munchies at first no I mean no cotton mouth. If I had 10 thumbs it would be 10 thumbs. Thanks Pam really good choice!
A.O.: Leafly

We appreciate it when our customers take the time to let us know how we are doing.
For a limited time, leave us a review on leafly and save 5% on your next purchase! (Offer limited to one discount per customer)

A Little About Us

  • Our Mission

    We grow, distribute, and sell the finest cannabis and infused-products with an enduring commitment to promote healthy living with business practices that respect the Earth and environment. Our processes actively recognize the central role business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life for people and pets.
  • Pure Cannabis

    Our commitment is to deliver pure cannabis to our customers. That is why we have a zero tolerance for contaminants and always will. The law does not require us to do this, but we feel you deserve only pure cannabis.
  • Pure CO2 Extracts

    All of our products are made with CO2 cannabis oil, extracted on-site from the finest locally-grown cannabis in Colorado. We are a locally-owned, veteran-owned, woman-owned and operated company. We strive to manufacture the finest cannabis extracts and infused-products with an enduring commitment to promote healthy living and business practices that respect the Earth and environment.
Million In CO Tax Revenue
New CO Jobs Created
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Overdose Deaths From Cannabis
Premium Strains Available

New To Cannabis? We're Here To Help.

Being the furthest East retail cannabis shop in the country, we meet a lot of first time cannabis “tourists” from our neighboring states of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Perhaps you have wondered if cannabis would be effective for a condition you, or someone close to you, may have. Cannabis has been reported to provide relief from nausea and digestive issues as well as conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Are you searching for a safe alternative to alcohol? While alcohol is a major depressant that frequently interacts with a variety of medications, cannabis is not. In fact, cannabis is so safe that in order to overdose you would have to eat more than 1500 pounds of cannabis in under 30 minutes! In the history of medicine no one has ever died from an overdose of cannabis. No matter the reason, we will be happy to spend the time you need to help you make the best choice for your situation. 

Need more information? Please check out our Cannabis 101 FAQ Page.