Cannabis 101

We created this page with the Cannabis newbie in mind.

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  • What kinds of Cannabis are there?

    There are four primary types of cannabis plants and products on the market today: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid & High CBD. All four types have their own qualities which can produce different effects in users.

    Indica strains are well-known to provide a more relaxed and sedative experience. Many people report these types of strains can help reduce pain, calm the digestive tract, relieve anxiety and deal with insomnia.

    Sativa strains are prone to producing feelings of energy and enhanced creativity, and may result in more of a “body high” than indica strains. Sativa strains may also produce paranoia or jitters more than other cannabis strains, particularly for people who are prone to anxiety.

    Hybrid strains come from crosses of indica and sativa parents and produce effects that borrow from both strains. Hybrids can be some of the strongest strains available, producing mild to intense effects. Be cautious with hybrids, and start slowly.

    High CBD – Recent research by The Brightfield Group suggests cannabidiol (CBD) may provide benefits from properties that help relieve a variety of conditions such as inflammation and digestive trouble. The increased level of CBD in High CBD strains usually provides a milder effect with more pronounced medical benefits than the other strains. This is often the preferred choice for medicinal or new users.

  • What should I use – a Flower, Edible, or Concentrate?

    As a general rule we suggest starting with which you feel most comfortable. You should use as little as you need as infrequently as you need to get the effects you desire without the effect you don’t. Below are some points to consider when deciding what form of cannabis is best for you:
    Flower, particularly high CBD flower, usually provides a milder effect. When smoking flower, you can expect the effects to manifest within minutes so it is easy to help control the level of the effects experienced. Most effects will last 30-120 minutes, and longer with heavier usage.
    Edibles tend to take much longer to produce any effects compared to flower because the active ingredients must make their way through the gastrointestinal tract before having the desired effect. Oftentimes, an edible may take up to two hours before any effects are experienced, and the effects could last up to 12 hours. The general rule with edibles is simple: start low and go slow. A new consumer should start with a 2.5mg serving initially and slowly increase the dosage (at least 2 hours between dosages) to achieve the desired effect. Under Colorado law, the maximum adult dosage per edible serving is limited to 10mg THC.
    By their very nature, Concentrates are much stronger than flower. High CBD concentrates may be the one exception, providing the least pronounced effects. Regular concentrates typically provide more than three times the THC content per inhalation. The rule for new users? Take it slow!

  • What can I do if I use too much?

    If you feel unwanted effects, try these steps for relief:
    1). Drink a glass or two of orange or grapefruit juice. CAUTION: Do NOT consume Vitamin C if you take medications that may interact with it.
    2). Eat a small meal low in fact and devoid of alcohol. Also avoid foods with a high sugar content.
    3). Take a warm, not hot, bath or shower to relax.
    4). Give it time. Allow effects to subside. NEVER DRIVE while under the influence of any controlled substance.

  • Is it possible to overdose?

    Almost every substance has an overdose potential. While every situation and User is unique, an overdose would typically require consumption of 1,500 pounds of Cannabis in a matter of minutes. Excerpted from a 1988 Department of Justice/DEA brief written by Judge Francis L. Young:
    “In layman terms this means that in order to induce death, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.”


Our business works hard to promote the safe and beneficial use of adult Cannabis. We believe it makes a positive difference for our customers. We also know it is NEVER OK to drive while under the influence of Cannabis! Be wise…